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Systemic Team Coaching

Systemic Team Coaching at Orenda is an innovative process that integrates individual & group dynamics to foster meaningful change within organisations. Using this approach, our coaches engage with individual team members and team as an entity. The focus is on personal challenges and alignment with broader organisational mission, while ensuring confidentiality.

On a team level, we address and identify themes & dynamics to assist fostering a collaborative environment where collective goals & challenges are navigated efficiently. Our holistic methodology allows us to explore both individual & collective spheres, ensuring that personal growth aligns with organisational goals.

With Systemic Coaching, we enable a comprehensive understanding & interconnectedness between individuals and their impact on the larger organisational system while promoting a lasting & impactful change within the teams itself.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is a dynamic approach created to empower leaders while effectively engaging with a broader ecosystem. At Orenda, we apply the ‘BEET’ model – an innovative framework meticulously designed to instigate a holistic transformation within leaders through self discovery and their external interactions.

Our Leadership development program is more than just a guiding tool; it is a profound process that delves into understanding any leader’s individuality, harnessing their strengths and magnifying their abilities to navigate complex situations.

We have exclusively formulated the BEET model as they serve as foundational elements that foster effective leadership qualities & holistic change. Through our coaching sessions, leaders discover not only their inherent potential, but also learn to engage harmoniously and interact with others within their ecosystem.


Integrated Coaching

Integrated coaching at Orenda is designed for individuals seeking to harmonize diverse facets of their life in pursuit of their ultimate objectives. We apply a holistic perspective in our practice and our approach is centered around addressing every dimension of a person’s life. We engage with our clients in a manner that we can synchronize various components of their life, including personal aspirations, career aspirations, health, relationships and overall well-being.

By fostering a clear understanding of the individual’s strengths, desires and challenges, we guide them through a transformative journey that works to align every aspect of their life. Our aim is to ultimately empower individuals to lead a more fulfilled life by ensuring their actions and aspirations are congruent with their larger life purpose. Our focus on holistic well-being at Orenda serves as a guiding compass for any individual seeking to navigate the complexities of life with purpose and clarity.

Leadership Labs

At Orenda, our Leadership Labs serve as a transformative space designed specifically to incubate the leaders of tomorrow. It is important to understand that effective leadership extends beyond hierarchies and titles. Our Labs focus on fostering leadership capabilities via a multifaceted approach, emphasizing self-learning & experiential processes.
The Leadership labs are tailored for individuals across all levels of management, specifically targeting mid-level & senior management and is focused on refining leadership skills in individuals. We believe in an immersive approach that encourages participants to engage in self-learning skills that blends the theoretical aspects of leadership, with practical application of the same. Through these exercises, individuals explore diverse leadership approaches, enabling them to experiment, refine and optimize their leadership style.

Our Labs are exclusively designed to provide a safe, functional space for exploration & growth. After all, the end goal is for leaders to foster a ripple effect among their peers that will positively impact the overall output of their organisation.


Become a Mentor

We believe that internal mentors play a significant role in developing future leaders within companies. Our program is designed to impart specific skills through learning, engagement, reflection and application, while simultaneously adapting the art of building relationships and offering one’s expertise in practice
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