Leadership Labs

Our leadership labs provide a dedicated space for experimentation, reflection and application. Our approach involves self-directed learning principles, allowing individuals to take charge of their growth.

As industry experts, we ensure that our coaching techniques embrace the principles of andragogy, as we recognize and understand the importance of adult learning experiences. As a result we engage individuals proactively on their learning journey, while respecting their autonomy and self-direction. Join us on your leadership journey by exploring different coaching methodologies that are adapted.

Integrative Coaching:

At Orenda, we believe in a well-rounded approach to coaching that goes beyond professional development to integrate all facets of life. Integrative Coaching enables individuals to navigate challenges in various aspects of life while fostering resilience and adaptability.
In the program, individuals engage in a process of continuous self-discovery, fostering a deeper understanding of themselves. They are encouraged to integrate their learning into their daily lives, ensuring tangible and sustainable results.

Authentic Leadership:

At Orenda, we believe that authenticity is the foundation of effective leadership.Our labs explore strategies for leaders to connect with their teams in an authentic manner, fostering a culture of engagement and trust.
We provide actionable insights, using proven strategies on how leaders can be genuine in their interactions, ultimately not only enhancing their effectiveness towards their teams, but contributing to the overall organizational growth.

Emotional Intelligence (EI):

At Orenda, we explore the role ‘Emotional Intelligence’ or EI plays in Leadership. In our labs, we aim to help Leaders understand and apply the fundamental principles of EI and how it serves as the foundation for effective leadership.
Through this module, Leaders learn to efficiently navigate their own emotions, while also understanding the emotional landscape of their teams, creating a transformative approach to their overall leadership capabilities.

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