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executive coaching

Systemic Coaching

The organization is a system and a complex one at that. Individuals in the system must work together effectively and cohesively in synergy, to deliver organizational results.  Every individual brings their unique capabilities yet as a system may struggle to work as a collective unit and deliver results, despite great execution plans. 

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Leadership coaching

Leadership Coaching

For a leader to be effective in his environment, he needs to understand not only himself, but also engage effectively with the larger ecosystem. Orenda’s ‘’BEET’’ model is designed to ensure this, bringing about a holistic change within the leader and in the way he engages with his environment.

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Effective Mentoring Lab

As a leader, equip yourself with the competencies required to ensure that your mentee gets
true value out of you as his mentor. “EFFECTIVE MENTORING” LAB is designed to bring
together the “What’s” and “How’s” of mentoring Conversations using Orenda’s “GEAR”

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leadership coaching

Leadership Labs

Leadership LABS at Orenda have been designed primarily to build critical skills of engagement. Emotional Intelligence being the most important of these skills. Developing these skills requires individuals to firstly become aware of their own current reality and how they show up before others. 

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Master certified coach

Life Coaching

Align various aspects of your life and meet your life objective. At Orenda, we work with clients in a holistic manner, mindful of the person in his/her entirety, ensuring that all the aspects of their life are explored and aligned to their ultimate life goal.

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Become a Coach

For those individuals who want to become a Coach themselves, Orenda has tied up with one of India’s largest Coach training organization, to offer programs that will lead to credential as a coach with the International Coaching Federation “ICF”.

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How Coaching works

Click on this video to understand how coaching works.

Coach is the friend who nudges, encourages, humours, walks with the Client towards their insight. A Coach is the witness who dispassionately reflects the Client’s thoughts, feelings, actions towards their own reflections and insight.


certified leadership coach


Executive Coach & Change Management Consultant


Executive Coach & Change Management Consultant

Ramesh has an overall experience of over 30 years working with multinational organizations like GE, Wipro, and TCS. He has over 2500 hours of Leadership Coaching experience over the last seven years and has coached over 300 leaders and leadership teams. Ramesh’s Coaching approach is based on the firm conviction that inner wisdom guides every Client in his/her journey and the Coach enables reflection and insight through his mindful presence and unconditional regard for the Coachee.

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Executive Coach

Priya has over 20 years of experience as an Executive Coach, an Empowerment Facilitator and a Counseling Psychologist. She is a MCC credentialled by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and EIA Senior Practitioner credentialled by European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and a certified EQ assessor, supported by a Masters in Applied Psychology. She has over 2500 hours of One on One/Group Coaching to her credit. Her Core Philosophy is “Power is Inherent in All”- Every Individual is intrinsically empowered, Coaching nudges that potential to manifest.

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