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At Orenda, we help individuals walk the path of transformation and self-discovery through executive leadership coaching & systemic team coaching. We guide teams to identify and harness their inner wisdom for lasting professional & personal development. The Orenda approach is rooted in mindfulness and sharing of wisdom. We believe that true change comes from within. 

With a legacy spanning over a decade, Priya and Ramesh are MCC certified coaches and have been at the forefront of transforming the coaching industry since the early 2000’s. Their expertise in systemic coaching has empowered countless individuals and companies to achieve sustainable growth.

Welcome to Orenda – where you can discover the power inherent in you.

Priya Ramesh and Sreedharan Ramesh

Meet Our Founders: Priya & Ramesh

Priya and Ramesh, Master Certified Coaches from India with over a decade of experience, are recognized globally for their expertise in the coaching industry. Their coaching philosophy revolves around unlocking the inherent potential within individuals to facilitate transformative change.
Priya, also an Advanced Team Coach Certified with ICF, and a Mentor Coach’s brings a wealth of experience in transformative coaching. Her commitment and approach to the holistic understanding of coaching methodologies positions her at the forefront of the coaching landscape. Her compassionate approach has guided countless individuals toward lasting transformation.
Ramesh, on the other hand, as a Leadership Coach and a Change Management Consultant leverages his extensive experience in navigating change, with a focus on sustainable growth and development within companies. He’s a firm believer in the power of executive leadership coaching & systemic team coaching to propel teams within companies toward sustainable growth.

Their impact as a team extends beyond coaching sessions, influencing positive change within individuals, teams and organisations.

Services by Orenda

Systemic Team Coaching
Systemic Team Coaching at Orenda is an innovative process that integrates individual & group dynamics to foster meaningful change within companies. Using this approach, our coaches individually engage with team members, not only focusing on personal challenges but also aligning them with the broader organisational vision, while ensuring confidentiality.
Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching is a dynamic approach created to empower leaders while effectively engaging with a broader ecosystem. At Orenda, we apply the ‘BEET’ model – an innovative framework meticulously designed to instigate a holistic transformation within leaders through their external interactions.
Integrated Coaching

Integrated coaching at Orenda is designed for individuals seeking to harmonize diverse facets of their life in pursuit of their ultimate objectives. We apply a holistic perspective in our practice and our approach is centered around addressing every dimension of a person’s life. We engage with our clients in a manner that we can synchronize various components of their life, including personal aspirations, career aspirations, health, relationships and overall well-being.

Leadership Labs
At Orenda, our Leadership Labs serve as a transformative space designed specifically to incubate the leaders of tomorrow. It is important to understand that effective leadership extends beyond hierarchies and titles. Our Labs focus on fostering leadership capabilities via a multifaceted approach, emphasizing self-learning & experiential processes.
Become a Mentor

Become a Mentor: Step into the role of a mentor & enhance your leadership capabilities.

Welcome to the “Effective Mentoring” Lab—an initiative designed by Orenda that meticulously combines the ‘What & How’ of mentoring conversations. By leveraging Orenda’s proven ‘GEAR’ Model, we explore the core facets of mentorship, fostering productivity while strengthening relationships with your mentees.

Become a Coach

At Orenda, we’re assist aspiring coaches by offering programs in collaboration with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). These programs are designed to equip individuals with the tools, knowledge and expertise required to earn credentials of becoming a Coach.

How Priya and Ramesh became a Master Coach couple

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Amid the gloom around the lockdown prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic, Priya Ramesh and Sreedharan Ramesh had something to rejoice about.

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