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Become a certified Mentor with Orenda’s mentoring labs that are tailored to facilitate hands-on learning experiences.

Our Belief:

We believe that internal mentors play a significant role in developing future leaders within companies. Our program is designed to impart specific skills through learning, engagement, reflection and application, while simultaneously adapting the art of building relationships and offering one’s expertise in practice

Program Overview:
Orenda is among a small percentage of companies that offers mentorship programs in India. The mentorship programs is designed in a lab format ensuring experiential sessions
Program Highlights:
Classroom Sessions: Experience engaging and interactive classroom sessions that equip you with the foundational knowledge needed for effective mentoring.
Application Session (Experimental): Explore real world scenarios in our experimental sessions. It is in these sessions is that theory meets practice, therefore providing application opportunities for growth.
Group & Practice Session: Collaboration with peers in multiple group sessions, while putting your learning into practice. Take away from shared experiences and different perspectives.
Evaluation: Receiving detailed constructive feedback and going through an evaluation process serves as the final step in your journey to becoming an impactful mentor.
Why Mentorship Matters:
Mentors play a major role in developing leaders within companies. Our program equips you to step into a mentorship role, while helping others navigate complex organizational obstacles. Often individuals aspiring to be mentors, lack guidance on the process. Our program is designed specifically to addresses this gap, while focusing not only on individual mentoring, but the application dynamics involved in integration into corporate eco systems.
Supporting Organisations:
At Orenda, we go beyond individual mentorship; we also guide you on how to support your organization in conducting effective mentoring programs. From initiating mentorship programs to supporting program management, our end goal is to impact organizational growth.

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