Yesterday I had a fight with someone on the road, I was furious with my boss, I fought with my colleague at work over a decision. I said to myself, ‘ ouch, watch out !’.

Reflecting on them one by one later in the day, my wise self told me, “the situations were external situations, just external”. Yes, it was outside of me, so why did I react so. The reaction was triggered by something within.

Wasn’t it more about my notions of irresponsible behaviour that made me fight with that someone on the road, didnt my boss remind me of my weakness in the face of authority, wasn’t it the fear of losing control that led to altercation with my colleague over a silly decision. Every reaction was coming from within me and it was about me. So the real fight is happening within me and the reactions come from that space within.

The greatest battles are really those fought within.

The battle of conflicting thoughts that make decision making so hard, the fight to scale the walls of fear, the battle against self limiting beliefs, the battle against overpowering sadness and setbacks are all by far the greater battles that need to won. The urge to do versus the caution to refrain, the fear to let go versus accepting the flow, the need for external validation versus self belief…. it is in choosing, that you become yourself!

In choosing my battles, choosing what I want to overcome, understanding what is limiting me and finally doing what needs to be done, I honour myself. There lies the real victory.

The conversation between Krishna and Arjuna at the battlefield of Kurukshetra was essentially this isn’t it? While there is a war to be waged externally yet the biggest fight for Arjuna has been the war raging within, the doubts the questions the confusion. In recognizing that, he was enlightened and empowered to act.

great battles within…

are fought everyday,

that’s what makes me

who I am becoming…

I acknowledge the real victory

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