Each to his own, clearing my cupboard is mine.

As I sit before its open doors, I stare at the contents all piled one over the other, if I pulled one, all would come tumbling, so I simply sit and stare at it for a while. Then I take the plunge, lifting one file after the other and that meant avalanche, chaos. I persist. I pick one file after the other, look and examine, put relevant ones where I could access it better, put away ones I’ll need later and as I go along I also find a few that are no longer relevant or useful, I have even forgotten why I have stored this file. Threw those away. How easily we hold on and get attached to things I mused. Soon order emerges.

Took a step back and had a good look and I saw space. It was both calming and joyful.

In a flash I saw how my mind’s filing cabinet also craved for this space.

I bravely walked in, walked into my mind. Cluttered with a thousand thoughts each competing with each other for attention and action, the sheer chaos and confusion left me overwhelmed and exhausted.

As with my cabinet it began with taking a hard look at the reality. Stared as it were, at the various thoughts. Tons come crashing down leading from one to other and as expected crash landed on me. I saw how crowded my mind had become.

Carefully picking each one I let it tell me which one is a priority right now, which ones continue to serve me well and which ones are no longer relevant. I have forgotten why some came to be and so just as I threw my folder I let go of this too. Let go even though I had gotten used to it being there.

I had created space. The empty space fills me with joy!

Decluttering creates space, creating space creates emptiness, emptiness throbs with life, life of innumerable possibilities, letting in the first whisper of joy and hope.

Always wondered why open spaces fascinated people, the open seas, the open meadows, the open vast limitless sky above. Creating open spaces is where dreams are born!

Space between

Space within

Vast open limitless

Where there is emptiness

Where anything seems possible

Where you find calm and tranquillity

Where life throbs

Yours to create…

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