What is Coaching?

A professional partnering relationship between a credentialed coach and a client (individual or a group) through a creative, reflective and thought provoking process. The relationship provides the environment for authentic and empowering engagement towards personal and professional development and growth.

Why Coaching?

An enabler for organizational priorities

Organizations focus on improving their processes to improve the effectiveness, sometimes forgetting that the individuals who manage these processes face their own personal challenges, conflicts and dilemmas which prevent them from contributing their entire potential to their jobs.

Orenda offers a platform for alternative Leadership Intervention options that can leverage potential and help growing leaders adapt to new and varied challenges of their roles thus increasing organizational effectiveness significantly.

How Coaching?

The Leadership Paradigm

Travis Bradberry, in his book “Leadership 2.0”, shares the fact that Leaders greatly overestimate their “Adaptive Leadership” skills.

Unlike Technical or Core Leadership Skills that are limited by experience and IQ, Adaptive Skills are easy to build purely through building awareness in an individual and addressing their belief systems. What appears to be a great challenge, is also a great opportunity for leaders to take their game to the next level. COACHING as an intervention tool does just that.

Core Leadership

Adaptive Leadership

Emotional Intelligence is the Differentiator

Orenda’s approach and intervention is designed to enable the three most critical priorities for any organization.

CHANGE…It’s critical for an organization that Change/Innovation/Strategic projects succeed and are effective

RESULTS…The ability for organizations to effectively translate Strategy into Action thus leading to Results

BUILD… Every organization must continuously build its talent pool and create not only a pipeline of effective leaders but also a Culture of Empowerment & Trust.