Orenda Philosophy

The Iroquois, A native American tribe, believed that an invisible magic power pervades all natural objects as a spiritual energy. It is this energy and potential inherent in all that we wish to tap and nudge into action.

Every sight sound thought action interaction changes you in some way and you evolve.

Orenda is about the evolving you, supporting who you are becoming….

Orenda offers a platform for alternative Leadership Intervention options that can leverage potential and help growing leaders adapt to new and varied challenges of Organizations because what you know and did thus far might not be enough from here on.

Be the Leader you want to be!

Orenda Coaching Model


Orenda takes a systemic view to Coaching looking at individuals as a part of the larger system. Individual interacting with the system and system interacting with individual creating its own unique dynamics. 

This occurs due the individuals unique ways of functioning driven by their thoughts, emotions and BELIEFS. Coach explores this.

Relationships thrive only in TRUSTing environments. Hence interactions are effective or ineffective based on the trust built and sustained.

No individual exisits in isolation hence Effective Engagement and Effective Relationships are critical components of how individuals relate and engage with their eco systems. This aspect is a key differentiator in a successful Coaching Intervention

Working with Self and Working with Others – the pillars of leadership success !

Orenda’s Coaching approach

Orenda’s Coaching approach is based on the firm conviction that inner wisdom guides every Client in his/her journey and the Coach enables reflection and insight through mindful presence and unconditional regard for the Coachee. The Client understands that he/she is the primary agent of change and co-creator of development plan, while the Coach can provide the necessary support by establishing and nurturing an environment of trust.

Coach is the Sakhi, the friend who nudges, encourages, humours, walks with the Client towards their insight.

Coach is the Sakshi , the witness who dispassionately reflects the Client’s thoughts, feelings, actions towards their own reflections and insight.

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